Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

The physicians at The Center for Joint and Spine Relief have extensive specialized training in the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. NFL champion Emmit Smith likened a single football game to being in more than 30 car accidents. With this kind of impact on the body, athletes need the best healthcare possible. Smith and many other athletes, from golfers to track and field stars, partially attribute their success and career longevity to comprehensive team approach care of qualified physicians.

Injury Prevention
What happens when you add impact to spinal misalignment or joint instability? Injury. Our doctors assess athletes’ bodies, identifying problems with joints, muscles and movement patterns. Between spinal adjustments and exercises to strengthen weak areas, our doctors help athletes prevent many injuries. This is carried across all of the specialties in our practice.

Enhanced Performance
Many athletes claim that, not only does chiropractic care decrease injuries, but it even enhances their game. Chiropractic treatment improves flexibility and range of motion, which are important for peak performance in many sports. Nutritional evaluation and treatments also play a huge role in enhancing performance and overall health status. Cutting-edge treatments such as low level laser and cryotherapy help to recover from muscle soreness.

Healing Injuries
At our practice we have referrals from sports trainers and coaches for low-back pain and musculoskeletal problems. Proper evaluation and prompt care can decrease an injury’s severity and reduce pain. The athlete may recover faster than she or he would without treatments, allowing a quicker return to the game. Furthermore, our practice offers advanced regenerative treatments, which heal the injuries without invasive surgery and allow for quick recovery.

Amateur Athletes
You don’t have to be a professional athlete to warrant care for your sport related injuries. Millions of people run marathons, race bikes or participate in golf and tennis tournaments without ever going pro. We also treat a large segment of “weekend warriors.” Over the course of their athletic lives, most will have at least a few strained muscles, “broken” backs, torn ligaments and other painful consequences. If your injuries are lessening your joy in your sport and interfering with your training or daily activities, call our clinic so we can help get you back on the court, green or field.
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